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Connecta 2020 Stay online

Connecta is a must for all those interested in digitization and who want to discuss its effects on society and business. The annual Swiss Post and PostFinance event brings together invited leaders and experts.

The fifth anniversary event to be held on Wednesday, 21 October 2020 was scheduled to feature more than 80 speakers from both at home and abroad, more than 40 hours of concentrated knowledge and around 250 guests. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have reluctantly been forced to abandon our goal of presenting a normal Connecta. The health of everyone involved is our main concern and cannot be entirely guaranteed, even with the most secure protection plan. However, we want to give Connecta a new lease of life and have developed some great digital alternatives:

Connecta TV

During this one-hour programme, multi-award-winning journalist Katrin-Cécile Ziegler and her fascinating studio guests will discuss trade, digitization and the new normal (only available in German).


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Connecta Doc

But that’s not all! In 2020, Connecta is celebrating its fifth anniversary. We have a gift for you, exploring recent years and, more particularly, this exceptional year: the 30-minute documentary shows you everything that has happened since 16 March 2020, the day lockdown began in Switzerland: what has changed and, more importantly, what the holds (only available in German)?


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Connecta Talk

In cooperation with Aileen Zumstein we have conducted video interviews with Connecta speakers. 

If you know Martin Rechsteiner, aka Pokipsie, you’ll also know that his podcasts always make for good listening. Martin Rechsteiner conducted fascinating and exciting interviews with several Connecta speakers (only available in German).

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We’ll not only be able hear many of the speakers in podcasts and see them in video interviews, but we’ll also have the chance to read what they have to say! Many of them have already agreed to provide a blog post on their presentation topic.

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Thank you

This year, more than 80 speakers from at home and abroad were scheduled to be present, bringing with them a wide range of expert knowledge. Unfortunately, we were unable to involve such a large number of people in the Connecta TV programme, the documentary, the interviews and podcasts or the blog. However, we’d like to thank each and every Connecta 2020 speaker – the true heroes of Connecta!

Our Connecta 2020 heroes

Connecta TV
What does the future look like after lockdown?

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