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Numerous speakers at this year’s Connecta have also agreed to summarize their topic in a post. From 7 September to 20 October 2020, a series of articles will be published on the digital commerce blog.

“Unbossing the organization”

19.10.2020 | There needs to be a new way of thinking among managers enabling them to assume their new role as a driving force of change.

Integration of high-street retailers – lessons from 12 years of live operations

16.10.2020 | Tangible experience for the successful integration of static retailers into the e-commerce solutions of brands, manufacturers, marketplaces and platforms.

Cyber security is overrated

15.10.2020 | Your laptop security can have an impact on others with your computer serving as a launchpad for attacks against third parties.

Why good managers do bad things

14.10.2020 | Even people of the greatest integrity can behave in unethical ways when they are placed under heavy pressure. The ethical dimension of their decisions disappears from their radar. What does this mean for digitization and what can be done?

Dr. Bettina Palazzo

Social commerce meets video commerce: how customers become fans!

13.10.2020 | Video rules – – whether on YouTube, Instagram or LinkedIn. How videos boost revenue, generate leads and prompt customers to share videos.

Martina Dalla Vecchia

Voice and speech recognition – in business too

12.10.2020 | Voice and speech recognition– including in Swiss German for your business! It’ll be here to stay and can ensure data protection.

How are technologies changing customer behaviour?

08.10.2020 | Robo-Advisors, Chatbots, Conversational Agents. Neue Technologien verändern die Wahrnehmung und das Verhalten der Konsumenten grundlegend.

Revolution for effective cross-marketing

07.10.2020 | Swiss Post relies on smart technologies in dialogue marketing. These reinforce personalization, thereby ensuring its business customers’ advertising has a greater impact.

Video snack content for employee communication

06.10.2020 | Content needs to be simple, entertaining and exciting – for salespeople, the boss and the customer.

B2B sales and marketing automation

05.10.2020 | How you can successfully utilize marketing automation using content marketing and the challenger sales technique.

Smart Data Leadership: How can I make better decisions than a chimpanzee?

01.10.2020 | Why do chimpanzees answer questions about our world better than most teachers and managers? Data helps to make better decisions.

Consumer decisions and digitization

30.09.2020 | How is digitization changing our consumer decisions? A recent study by the Bern University of Applied Sciences Business School provides answers.

When life gives you lemons, create a lemon factory

29.09.2020 | No founder’s road is easy. Failing fast and early can be crucial to turning professional lemons into success when building your own company.

Rosemary Lockhorst

Finding and promoting talented individuals – simply and digitally.

28.09.2020 | How does digital talent recognition actually work? In the new world, candidates are measured using “digital blind auditions” to see whether they’re team players or not.

Social Engineering - a Cornerstone in IT-Security Strategies

25.09.2020 | Social Engineering is a way how to test, measure and design IT security strategies that will compliment technology, processes, and procedures in our security eco system.

The car as a shopping center

24.09.2020 |Thinking outside the box: how the retail sector can meet increasingly complex customer needs and how the car can become a new sales channel.

Three wrong questions about trust and AI

23.09.2020 | No trust, no use? Trust is often put forward as a critical success factor when it comes to the acceptance of new technologies.

Customer-friendly payments on the Internet with free Software

22.09.2020 | Pay online quickly and securely in a customer-friendly way without completing forms, without accounts and passwords, and without sacrificing data protection – it’s not utopic – we’ll show you how it works.

Ethical leadership at Swiss Post

21.09.2020 | The role played by ethics in digitization is growing in significance. So it’s all the more important to create a regulatory framework for Switzerland.

From personal brand to social me

16.09.2020 | Personal branding is often associated with marketing. But the two things are quite different, as the concept of the social me demonstrates.

Digital skills? Skills in the digital age!

15.09.2020 | Do we urgently need employees with digital skills? Digital expert Sarah Genner shows what skills are important in digital change.

Together for a smart capital city

14.09.2020 | As a smart capital, Berne is committed to innovative partnerships – for sustainable urban development and improving the quality of life for all.

Esports in Switzerland – current figures and future potential

10.09.2020 | Esports are booming. And yet many companies are reluctant to investment in this sector. However, there are exciting opportunities for Swiss companies who decide to take the plunge.

Lean UX in e-commerce and digital sales projects

09.09.2020 | We are looking to speed things up by taking lean approaches. In reality, though, the result is software without any systematic concepts.

Legacy beats Agility

08.09.2020 | Manuel P. Nappo explains how the success factors of legacy and agility can be harnessed by states and how Switzerland is making its mark in this area.

Video marketing – ideas and a smartphone are all you need

07.09.2020 | A smartphone and an idea are the basics required for producing a video. How to have fun with this low-budget production.

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