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Anna Jobin Data ethics from a reasearch point of view: urgent and promoting innovation

“Data is the new gold.” “Data is the new oil.” Analogies like these are commonplace nowadays. What can we learn from them? Which approaches to innovation end up in a dead end because of these comparisons? The presentation offers a new perspective on a well-known topic and provides inspiration through empirical research results.

Anna Jobin – Researcher, ETH Zurich

Your added value in terms of trade

How to handle data in an ethical manner is also an incredibly important topic for commerce. Business relationships are built on trust. Abusing this trust will cost you dearly sooner or later. The presentation shows you why ethical approaches can be profitable, both from a societal and strategical viewpoint.

Details on the speaker

Anna Jobin is a researcher at the Health Ethics and Policy Lab at the ETH Zurich. She studied sociology, IT/Business Informatics and Economics and is doing her doctorate on the societal apsects of algrorithmic systems at the University of Lausanne. Her specialist area is digital transformation and the associated merging of technical and social dimensions.

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