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Corinne Eisenring Yuujou – analogue friendships in a digital world

Yuujou, the international media art project, has demonstrated with its travel experiment that the world is not only virtually connected. Yuujou has created a real friendship chain around the world, enabling the digital world to access and experience the 100-day journey through a cross-media storytelling concept.

Corinne Eisenring – CEO and co-founder, Yuujou AG

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The presentation provides an insight into an unusual Swiss start-up. It shows how a crazy idea from Switzerland can reach an international audience (30,000 people from 169 countries applied for the travel experiment) and how experiences from the analogue world can be adapted for a digital community in real time.

Details on the speaker

Corinne Eisenring is the CEO and co-founder of Yuujou. She developed the idea for Yuujou and implemented it with a team in Zürich and (media) partners all over the world. The award-winning journalist previously worked for nine years as a TV reporter and producer at SRF/3sat.

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