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Cornelia Daheim The future of work: trends and perspectives

Advances in digitization, automation and robotics are pushing this change in the world of work rapidly forward. At the same time, the world of work and how work is organized are becoming ever more flexible. Examples and studies show that new working cultures and a strengthening in self-regulation by employees are central to the successful designing of “the new way of working”.

Cornelia Daheim – Founder and Director, Future Impacts Consulting

Your added value in terms of trade

Changes in methods of working also have an impact on the way in which we shop. Retailers will need to adapt their offerings in the future to meet these changes.

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Cornelia Daheim has been looking into the future as a consulting future researcher since 2000, and since 2015 with her own company, Future Impacts. Her clients include Aktion Mensch, the Bertelsmann Stiftung, Evonik and the European Parliament. She is co-author of the study “Arbeit 2050” and is passionate about practising new ways of working herself in virtual, international teams.

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