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Dominik Balogh Predictive policing with PRECOBS at Zurich City Police

For some time, digital, geospatial forecasting methods have supported the work of the Swiss police force, opening up new opportunities in crime prevention in the process. The Zurich city police force uses the PRECOBS software in order to get to the scene, so to speak, using previous data. Does arresting burglars before they strike really work?

Dominik Balogh – Head of Analysis & Development, Zurich City Police

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Our predictive policing approach can be seen as an innovative example of how data evaluation generates knowledge that facilitates targeted interventions and increased operational efficiency and security within society (more with less). The buzzwords are data quality, reaction time, process reliability and acceptance. Bridge to the theme of predictive delivery: in our forecasting work too it’s a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

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Dominik Balogh, 50 years old, head of the analysis and development taskforce, has spent 25 years with the city police, half of which has been in analytics with a focus on situation security and crime mapping. He has been a pioneer in the German-speaking world on the topic of predictive policing since 2013.

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