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Duena Blomstrom Emotional banking and money moments

Emotional Banking™ - Financial institutions need to investigate customers’ feelings about their money and they need to do it NOW as the competition in the market is heating up and the risk of disruption is growing.

Duena Blomstrom – CEO, Co-Founder, Author, PeopleNotTech

Your added value in terms of trade

Understanding what is really needed to become customer-centric is imperative for any institution wishing to remain competitive in today’s market.

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Duena is the author of the book “Emotional Banking: Fixing Culture, Leveraging FinTech and Transforming Retail Banks into Brands”. As the inventor of the EmotionalBanking™ and MoneyMoments concepts and the Co-Founder and CEO of PeopleNotTech, Duena is passionate about deep meaningful change.

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