Prof. Dr Erik Dubuis

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Prof. Dr Erik Dubuis Cybersecurity, privacy and cyberforensics: a contradiction?

The presentation addresses issues of security, trust and the protection of privacy of IT-based systems. As in the real world, violations of rules need to be proven in the virtual world as well. Cyberforensics deals with the procedures to detect unlawful acts on devices and to prove them in a way that is legally sound.

Prof. Dr Erik Dubuis – Head of Department, Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH

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Listeners will receive an exemplary overview of the tensions between IT security, trust and the protection of privacy, on the one hand, and the efforts to prove illegal acts on devices, on the other hand.

Details on the speaker

Prof. Dr Eric Dubuis is Professor of Computer Science at the Berne University of Applied Sciences. He is in charge of the BSc degree in Computer Science. He also heads the Research Institute for Security in the Information Society. He is interested in verifiable e-voting systems, cybersecurity in general and the protection of privacy.


Language: German

Sponsor: BFH

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