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Felix Beilharz How generations Y and Z are changing our companies

Something different makes the young generations tick. They communicate differently, get their information differently, build trust differently and have different digital habits. Anyone who understands generations Y and Z can adapt to them accordingly. Felix Beilharz offers an insight into this world while offering practical tips on how to adapt to these generations.

Felix Beilharz – Social Media Expert

Your added value in terms of trade

  • Understanding for the young generation
  • Emerging digital trends
  • Recognizing changing consumer and communication patterns
  • The right way to address generations Y and Z in recruiting, sales and marketing

Details on the speaker

Felix Beilharz is “one of the leading consultants in online and social media marketing” (RTL). A writer of seven books and lecturer at several universities and colleges, he gives talks around the world and also advises and trains companies in how to successfully utilize online marketing and social media.

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Language: German

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