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Janina Berga Social robots and their role in our society. Are we ready?

Robotics is a well-known field, yet many prefer to keep it at arm’s length. Are we ready to work and communicate with robots? While some businesses are successfully co-managed or operated by robots, others struggle to even identify a business case for implementing a robot. Nevertheless, the interest in robots, especially “social robots”, is growing rapidly, and the Swiss market is no exception...

Janina Berga – Researcher, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW

Your added value in terms of trade

The attendees will get up to speed with the key terms in relation to robots and understand what a “social robot” is. They will gain insights into the potential of social robots for business and familiarize themselves with the first use cases in Switzerland and worldwide. Finally, the speaker will introduce the challenges that social robots have brought with them to the market and offer a chance to engage in a discussion.

Details on the speaker

Janina Berga is a researcher at the Institute for Information Systems, School of Business FHNW. With a background in international management, she has experience in communications, event management, tech and marketing. At the FHNW, she is part of the FHNW Robo-Lab project and often conducts technology workshops to raise awareness about technological advancements and showcase their potential.


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