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Jon Erni Mia Engiadina – Digitization as an opportunity for rural areas

Once everybody who holds the Alpine valley of Engadin close to their heart comes together, we will have everything we need to shape the future of this wonderful valley ourselves! Digitization offers the tools necessary for this. We started as a Facebook group with this idea five years ago. New and exciting projects have been launched in the valley and new insights have been gained.

Jon Erni – Initiator, mia Engiadina

Your added value in terms of trade

  • Digital business models also help remote companies participate in the worldwide market.
  • Only by joining forces with partners for ecosystems will you have all the skills needed to launch new ideas in the digital world.
  • Digitization is a new box of tools for implementing disruptive ideas.

Details on the speaker

Jon Erni founded the “mia Engiadina” initiative five years ago together with Not Carl. He grew up in Engadin and moved to the Canton of Zurich after high school to study electrical engineering at ETH. Although he has lived in the Zurich region ever since, his origins in Engadin, the Romansh language and nature are still very close to his heart.

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Language: German

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