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Lina Wassong Aesthetics of technology

What will the fashion of the future look like? In her presentation, Lina Wassong will look into the creative sides of technology and explain how digital manufacturing processes can be used in fashion design. She will demonstrate the advantages provided by innovative technologies like 3D printing, laser cutting and wearable tech.

Lina Wassong – Engineer, designer
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Your added value in terms of trade

New design and manufacturing processes for the creative industry will be presented. These are of particular interest to small- and medium-sized companies wishing to design innovative products. Digital manufacturing processes can allow a prototype to be created on site more quickly, for example, or enable complex specimens and moulds to be generated and realized using creative software.

Details on the speaker

Engineer Lina Wassong is a pioneer in the field of digital manufacturing processes and electronics for fashion design. Using electronics, laser cutting and 3D printing, she will present the aesthetic sides of technology and the creative ways in which they can be put to use. In addition to working in her own studio in Berlin, she also lectures at Potsdam University of Applied Sciences and has published three books on physical computing.

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Language: German

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