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Marie Christine Schindler Employees as ambassadors: the ingredients for success

Employees as ambassadors is a growing trend. But are they a sure-fire recipe for success? What framework needs to be met to ensure employees are willing to act as ambassadors, experts or even influencers for their employer in the first place? How can they be encouraged and mobilized? Marie-Christine brings structure to a topic which is often discussed with overblown expectations.

Marie-Christine Schindler – Senior Consultant, gmbh

Your added value in terms of trade

Purchasing decisions are increasingly based on peer-to-peer recommendations. But the human factor still plays a key role in all purchasing phases despite the rise in online retail. Employees can play a central role here but only if they are encouraged in holding the right expectations.

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Together with her online PR and strategic communication agency, Marie-Christine Schindler acts as an expert consultant for companies, SMEs, non-profit organizations and individuals. She writes a well-publicized blog on online communication, is co-author of the bestseller and definitive work “PR in the Social Web” (O’Reilly) and lectures at various universities of applied sciences.

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