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Martin Rechsteiner Communication via podcast – how does it actually work?

Podcasts are on everyone’s lips, but does the format also work for online selling? The medium allows for pretty much everything, as long as you are offering the listener added value. The most important thing is to do it. A few tips and tricks on software, hardware and platforms – and you're ready to go. With considerable dedication, knowledge of your own product and frequency, you’ll have a great format.

Martin Rechsteiner – Story teller, Pokipsie Network

Your added value in terms of trade

What’s up with podcasts and above all, how can even I make one? Simple brief introduction to the format, its strengths and an overview of what you need for one.

Details on the speaker

I’m a passionate storyteller, dad to three girls and a coach. I started writing in the early 2000s. In 2006, this was supplemented by the podcast audio format and, two years later, the first unboxing videos.

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Language: German

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