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optilyz is the leading solution in Europe for better segmented letters, postcards etc., automating printing and mailing and integrating the successful channel into cross-channel marketing. High street chains and e-commerce companies use optilyz to integrate physical touchpoints into their customer journeys.

Martin Twellmeyer – Managing Director, optilyz GmbH

Your added value in terms of trade

With our revolutionary solution, letters, postcards etc. are automatically printed, sent and integrated into customer journeys. Automated control reduces costs and increases campaign success. This means the successful channel will be easy for marketers to use. With the practical pre-integration of optilyz in various leading marketing clouds (Emarsys, Salesforce, DynaCampaign and many more) and the possibility to connect all other systems, use is simplified and the physical channel in CRM is reconciled with other channels.

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Martin Twellmeyer is the founder and managing director of optilyz, the leading direct mail software. Prior to optilyz, Mr Twellmeyer was CFO of AUTO1, the largest used-vehicle trading platform in Europe, and he co-founded SpaceWays with Rocket Internet. Mr Twellmeyer started his career in the consulting and investment industry.

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