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Philipp Kannenberg Connecta Start-up-Radar – urban logistics

Decentralized logistics involving trade is one way of strengthening in-store retailers and, in turn, the city centers. That's what gaxsys is all about. In addition to the pressure exerted by mail-order business on traders, the traffic infrastructure also reaches its limits, especially in urban areas. RULS responds to the challenges of urban logistics and ideally complements gaxsys.

Philipp Kannenberg – Executive Board, gaxsys GmbH

Your added value in terms of trade

The integration of in-store retailing into the mail-order business of major brands and web shops can be so easy. Start directly without investment in interfaces, technology or personnel. Swiss traders are able to view orders already paid by various webshops via the gax system, and can freely decide which orders make economic sense and are processed. The gax system supports this with shipping and returns, all required documents are provided. Without contracts or fixed running costs, each trader retains its entrepreneurial decision-making power. To make the upcoming delivery as efficient and fast as possible, the supplementary RULS software helps in managing urban logistics.

Details on the speaker

Philipp Kannenberg has been with gaxsys GmbH since the beginning. He has been responsible for shaping the processes for integrating in-store retailers into brand-name e-commerce. He lectures at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), the HECTOR Business School Karlsruhe and is a lecturer at the Bavarian Academy for Television and Digital Media. Kannenberg has been a member of the executive board since 2012.

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