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Pierre François An addressing system fit for 21st century e-commerce

Selling online is more competitive than ever. what3words is helping e-commerce companies get ahead of the competition, providing a cost-effective way to reach more customers and meet their delivery expectations.

Pierre François – Senior Partnerships Manager, What3Words

Your added value in terms of trade

A proper infrastructure is needed to ensure the full development of e-commerce for the benefit of all the actors involved: from ensuring customers can place and receive their orders at the place of their choice, to the e-commerce platform reaching out to more customers, to the logistics partners being able to deliver more efficiently.

Details on the speaker

Pierre is a Senior Partnerships Manager for what3words, focusing exclusively on logistics companies and e-commerce platforms, especially in Europe and the Middle East. He helps what3words’ partners adopt 3-word addresses throughout their entire operations to make them more efficient and cost-effective, and able to deliver a perfect customer experience from checkout to doorstep around the world. Prior to joining what3words, Pierre spent several years at Jumia, the largest e-commerce platform on the African continent.

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