Prof. Dr Johanna Gollnhofer

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Prof. Dr Johanna Gollnhofer Content marketing in the vocal world

Voice interfaces are conquering consumer lifeworlds. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant allow brands to interact with consumers in new and different ways. In this session, we will dicuss what this means for brand management and marketing.

Prof. Dr Johanna Gollnhofer – Associate Professor of Marketing, University of St. Gallen

Your added value in terms of trade

Voice technology is a new technology that is quickly gaining traction. This session allows attendees to stay up to date with current developments and to reflect on business opportunities.

Details on the speaker

Johanna Gollnhofer is Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of St. Gallen. She is regarded as an expert in qualitative approaches in consumer research and focuses on forward-looking topics in the retail and health care industry as well as the sharing economy. Her research has been published in international journals, e.g. the Journal of Consumer Research.


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