Prof. Katinka Weissenfeld

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Prof. Katinka Weissenfeld Digital natives – the end of project management?

Projects rarely attain their goals. They take too long, eat through the budget and do not provide the promised quality. New managers have bid farewell to old-school project management. They work more quickly, more interconnectedly, more mobile and more successfully. And this new generation of managers – the digital natives – are taking the helm in the company.

Prof. Katinka Weissenfeld – Lecturer, Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH

Your added value in terms of trade

The presentation will cover potential scenarios and recommendations for action with respect to how traditional project management is being influenced by a generation of digital natives.

Details on the speaker

Katinka Weissenfeld is a lecturer in project management at the Berne University of Applied Sciences. Her main areas of research are the future of project management and subjects such as cyberloafing, e-accessibility and virtual identities.

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