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Renato Stalder Connecta Start-up Radar – optimizing pricing and warehouse storage

KLARA breaks new ground and makes it easy to run an office. KLARA is not just another ERP or accounting solution, but positions itself as an intelligent virtual assistant. KLARA focuses on what your user wants to do, not how to do it. KLARA does this fully automatically and pursues a revolutionary business model.

Renato Stalder – CEO, KLARA Business AG

Your added value in terms of trade

KLARA cuts all types of bureaucratic processes affecting Swiss retailers and the Swiss SME market in a simple way. The presentation highlights developments in ecosystem approaches and provides an insight into a revolutionary customer experience. Practical examples from point of sale to online marketing are shown.

Details on the speaker

Renato Stalder is the creator of ideas and CEO of KLARA Business AG, which belongs to the Lucerne-based group Axon Active AG. A proven entrepreneur and IT professional, he has driven forward the digitization of the Swiss economy for years and has set himself the task of digitizing the Swiss SME market. Renato Stalder has an eMBA and was previously CEO of the companies Soreco and Axon Ivy.


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