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Sandro Kunz Reaching customers digitally at home via private letter boxes

As the flow of information increases continually, it becomes ever more difficult to gain the attention of customers on digital channels. This presentation will demonstrate solutions that allow the benefits of digital communication – such as hyper personalization, automation and feedback loops – to also be used in physical mailings to private letter boxes via digital interfaces.

Sandro Kunz – Managing Director, Pingen

Your added value in terms of trade

Although it is becoming easier and easier to communicate with customers, truly reaching customers with a message is increasingly difficult. The smaller flow of information and the “emotional” bonus of “keeping something in your own hands” means targeted communication via letter boxes achieves higher recognition and a more positive response compared to an e-mail inbox. Automated solutions also provide a range of exciting new possibilities in this regard.

Details on the speaker

Sandro Kunz is co-founder and managing director of, a Swiss start-up offering digital platforms for sending individual, physical mailings such as letters, postcards and flyers. As an active member of the Swiss start-up scene and angel investor, he works intensively on the technologies which are driving current trends.


Language: German

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