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Ulf Loetschert Connecta Start-up-Radar – customer loyalty and consultation

LoyJoy stands for loyalty and enjoyment LoyJoy is the marketing cloud for the age of customer dialogue via chat and voice. Automated, gamified chat experiences help attract and retain new customers. Brands like Kölln, L'Oréal and Savencia already rely on LoyJoy to communicate and keep up-to-date with customers. Increase your opt-in rate by 50 percent.

Ulf Loetschert – Co-Founder, LoyJoy

Your added value in terms of trade

Digital communication with customers is efficient, emotional and picks up customers wherever you are – in chat. With LoyJoy, brands automate their marketing and engage in playful, simple dialogues. With LoyJoy you gain more leads, more opt-ins and increase your customer loyalty. Four DAX companies already rely on LoyJoy.

Details on the speaker

Ulf Loetschert is the initiator and co-founder of LoyJoy. He is a marketer, IT expert and speaker at numerous events. He has many years of expertise as a management and IT consultant. He is a graduate in business administration and has a degree from the University of Münster.

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