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Valerio Stallone Online ad fraud (and what you should know about it

Online ad fraud is a major problem for those participating in the advertising ecosystem: advertising companies pay for deliveries which do not reach the intended end users. This results in economic loss: a portion of the media budget falls into the hands of fraudsters. Identifying when this loss starts to take place is an essential part of a successful advertising strategy.

Valerio Stallone – Research Associate, ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences

Your added value in terms of trade

This presentation will show various types of online ad fraud, how these work, their extent in a national vs international environment, and which measures can be taken to combat it. Based on investigations carried out by ZWAH, it is clear that there is a need to reinforce know-how: this event intends to strengthen the position of Swiss advertisers (retailers) in negotiations with players from the advertising ecosystem.

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Valerio Stallone is bringing his ten-year professional experience in digital business with him:,, Webrepublic AG, SELFNATION and most recently, Marketing Director Europe at Ava Women. In his present role at ZHAW, he researches digital marketing and focusses on the online advertising ecosystem, ad operations, and blockchain applications in marketing.

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