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Alejandro Garcia Start-up radar – Artificial intelligence

AI retailer systems enable retailers to open 24/7 convenience stores with a checkout-free solution that relies on computer vision and machine learning to evaluate shoppers’ behaviour and bill them for the products they purchase. Retailers can now get closer to end customers and offer them the next level of shopping experience: round-the-clock, convenient and hygienic shopping.

Alejandro Garcia – CEO & Founder, AI Retailer Systems

Your added value in terms of trade

It will enlighten the audience on how AI is currently being applied in the retail industry, look at use cases and areas that will continue to be developed as part of the digitization process the industry is undergoing.

Details on the speaker

Alejandro Garcia is CEO and Founder of Ai Retailer Systems, a young Swiss company focused on checkout-free solutions for retailers. He has telecommunications engineering background and and an MBA from St. Gallen.


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