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Clara Becker Video Snack content for employee communication

Gain an insight into the power of new forms of communication and learn how modern employee communication works today. Clara Becker talks about her experiences in motivating staff in businesses – from salespeople to the boss – with short, YouTube-style videos which she filmed herself.

Clara Becker – Implementation Consultant

Your added value in terms of trade

The use of bespoke short videos instead of “elevated” communication helps with rethinking how complex business information can be communicated in a simple and fun way to employees. Experience shows that new methods of employee communication can boost motivation, unleashing unrecognized strengths and thereby allowing aspects such as customer loyalty and service to be redefined.

Details on the speaker

Clara Becker is an implementation consultant specializing in digital transformation. Her focus is on implementing new business models and ways of working that arise through digitization. Clara Becker has worked for over ten years in marketing and e-commerce in the fashion industry and therefore knows exactly what is required in practice.

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