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Cristina Riesen Creating the School of the Future

It is said that yesterdays’ innovations are today’s problems. The "industrial factory" like education model certainly made sense in the past but it does not fit the needs of today. How might we create the school of the future and accelerate positive change in education in a way that fits our young people today?

Cristina Riesen – Founder and CEO, We Are Play Lab Foundation

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Our young people are growing up today in a world where they will have to navigate complexity and uncertainty. The science of learning tells us that, in order to shape an uncertain future, our young people must become creative collaborators, critical thinkers and lifelong learners. This has to do with creating vibrant and inspiring learning environments for the 21st century.

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Entrepreneur, startup mentor and lecturer, Cristina Riesen founded We Are Play Lab Foundation with the mission to accelerate positive change in education. Former General Manager for Evernote in Europe, Middle East and Africa, she managed the launch of the Swiss Edtech Collider at EPFL and worked with the Strategic Development team at ETH Zurich.

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Sponsor: University of Fribourg

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