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Dave Kauer Shopping solution for face-to-face and distance selling

David Kauer presents the new PostFinance shopping solution for face-to-face and distance selling before offering a view of the future.

Dave Kauer – MyShopping Initiative Leader and Member of Management, PostFinance Ltd

Your added value in terms of trade

Answering questions and collecting feedback to drive the service forwards. Showing how PostFinance increases conversion rates for online shops, enhances the customer experience and improves safety. Common understanding of where the journey is leading and which infrastructures are required in Swiss trade in the medium- and long-term.

Details on the speaker

David Kauer has worked at PostFinance for 20 years and was heavily involved in establishing and developing online shopping by PostFinance. He was responsible for introducing the new Twint solution at PostFinance and has been Lead Innovator & Member of Management since mid-2017 with the aim of making PostFinance the leading digital bank in Switzerland.

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Language: German

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