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Diego Rohner Start-up radar – Logistics

More than a game, Treasure Hunters is a gamificated marketing platform. For the player, it’s a kind of Pokémon GO, but instead of going out to find creatures, you go to catch real treasures like cars, vouchers, electric devices or luxury watches from brands like Rolex.

Diego Rohner – Hunter-in-Chief, Treasure Hunters

Your added value in terms of trade

There are businesses that don’t have enough traffic in front of their stores because people are buying more and more on the Internet. But thanks to Treasure Hunters, consumers will once again be going to specific locations to grab some coins to help them hunt.

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Entrepreneur who has created a:

  • Financial advisory company with 55 financial advisors
  • Real estate investment company with more than 250 apartments built
  • Startup investment company

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