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Dr Bettina Palazzo Why good managers do bad things

Even people of the greatest integrity can behave in an unethical way when they are placed in a situation that puts them under heavy pressure. The ethical dimension of their decisions then disappears from their radar. Group dynamics, time pressure and the pressure to perform bring about gradual moral failure. What does this mean for digitization and what should be done?

Dr Bettina Palazzo – Advisor, Palazzo Ethics Advisory

Your added value in terms of trade

Trust in a company can quickly and permanently be lost due to ethical failures. A credible and robust culture of integrity stands and falls with the executives in a company who are often ill-prepared to be ethical role models. How can companies protect themselves from a moral meltdown, apart from applying the usual prohibitions and processes?

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Dr Bettina Palazzo has researched, taught and provided consulting services in corporate ethics for over 25 years. With her focus on the grey areas of ethical decision making and the psychological causes of misbehaviour, she brings fresh impetus to ethics, compliance and leadership-related issues. Her personal motto: there is nothing good in a bad system (Adorno).

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Language: German

Sponsor: University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration Zurich (HWZ)

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