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Dr Sarah Genner Digital skills and competencies in the digital era

We need employees with digital skills! But what do we actually mean when we talk about digital skills? Are digital skills enough? Or are creative individuals with social skills and values actually who we need, given all the digital changes? The presentation will focus on skills and essential values in the digital age.

Dr Sarah Genner – Media scholar and digital expert, GENNER.CC

Your added value in terms of trade

Many businesses are on the lookout for staff who have “digital skills”. But what does that actually mean? What skills should staff have in the midst of the digital transformation? The presentation will bring some order to the jungle of digital skills and 21st century skills.

Details on the speaker

Dr Sarah Genner is a media scholar, digital expert and lecturer. Her specialist field focuses on the impact of digital media on people, society and the working environment. Her book, ON/OFF, won the Mercator prize from the University of Zurich. With her company, GENNER.CC, she builds bridges between academic disciplines and practice.

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