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Ewelina Hmyzo How artificial intelligence is changing accounting

Technology has now progressed so far that artificial intelligence (AI) can be used as a commercial solution in the field of accounting. AI is setting new standards with regard to the degree of automation that is achievable, the sustainability of automation and the quality of the results. This makes huge cost savings possible while increasing confidence in the figures produced.

(Co-presentation with Johannes Bachmann)

Ewelina Hmyzo – Associate Partner, Ernst & Young GmbH auditing company

Your added value in terms of trade

In the presentation, we explain the potential and limitations of artificial intelligence with regard to processing transactions. We explain the preconditions for use and show the potential the company can realize by using predictive analytics to evaluate selected items in the balance sheet and to manage operations.

Details on the speaker

Ewelina Hmyzo is responsible for finance automation within EY FAAS for the DACH region. Here, she develops and implements new services using the very latest technologies, including EY Accounting AI, which calls on artificial intelligence. She has 14 years’ professional experience, including in software-based services as well as operational and financial transformation.

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