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Markus Dobbelfeld Five ways you can generate more business through social selling

Successful sales professionals use social selling to establish and maintain relations, track relevant online conversations, look out for possibilities and supply potential customers with information at just the right time – all to build trust for a possible business transaction. Learn how to enhance your social selling index based on concrete examples.

Markus Dobbelfeld – Digital veteran, Search & Co. GmbH

Your added value in terms of trade

Never before have people been so open and willing to discuss their thoughts, feelings or challenges on social media. These insights give you an unparalleled advantage when it comes to understanding your customers’ needs and wishes. By recognizing purchasing signals, you can better qualify prospective customers, lead more authentic interactions and generate more sales.

Details on the speaker

As a digital veteran, long-standing board member and CMO at international firms, Markus Dobbelfeld has two decades of experience in leading complex digital change initiatives at prestigious global companies and has built several digital organizations. He recognizes that the ultimate factor for success during digital transformation is not technology – it’s people.

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Language: German

Sponsor: University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW)

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