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Natascha Zeljko The power of storytelling

Storytelling has become one of the most important skills in the modern working world – not just as an outward communication/marketing tool, but also within companies. In my session, I discuss why this is the case, how you can use storytelling yourself and the professionals you can learn from.

Natascha Zeljko – Founder / editor-in-chief, FemaleOneZero

Your added value in terms of trade

Professional storytelling opens up entirely new opportunities for achieving successful communication – with all stakeholders. If you know the tools and use them properly, you can differentiate yourself positively from those around you and increase revenue.

Details on the speaker

Natascha Zeljko is co-founder and editor-in-chief of “FemaleOneZero”, an online platform involved in topics such as diversity, digitization and female empowerment. She previously held various managerial positions at major publishers (including Condé Nast) and is an expert in storytelling.

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Language: German

Sponsor: Global Digital Women

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