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Prof. Dr Anne Scherer Sarah vs Siri: how do technologies change customer behaviour?

In her presentation, Prof. Anne Scherer will examine how increasing digitization, automation and dehumanization of customer-supplier interactions will change consumer behaviour and the relationships of consumers to companies.

Prof. Dr Anne Scherer – Assistant professor for quantitative marketing, University of Zurich (UZH)

Your added value in terms of trade

The presentation will assist companies to anticipate customer reactions related to new technologies and to recognize early the potential pitfalls of digital strategies. With this knowledge, new technologies and channels can be released in a customer-focused way, thus improving aspects such as customer satisfaction and retention.

Details on the speaker

Anne Scherer is an assistant professor for quantitative marketing at the University of Zurich. Before she came to the University of Zurich, Anne Scherer worked as a post-doc in technology marketing at the ETH Zurich and as a doctoral candidate at the TU Munich.

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