Prof. Dr Edy Portmann

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Prof. Dr Edy Portmann An intelligence upgrade for Switzerland?

AI assists us in many of life’s situations. Intelligence is being automated and systems are learning from people. A new intelligence concept will bring people and computer systems even more closely together. Together, they will behave smarter and will make better decisions. The presentation will investigate this approach and discuss how it can lead to collective intelligence for Switzerland.

Prof. Dr Edy Portmann – Professor of computer science, University of Fribourg

Your added value in terms of trade

Today, suitable framework conditions must be created for digitization and the digital public service in Switzerland, so that everyone can benefit from it. Thanks to intelligent, digital network infrastructure and industry, all Swiss citizens will once again be treated equally. How? Edy Portmann will reveal this in his presentation.

Details on the speaker

Edy Portmann is a professor of computer science at the Human-IST Institute at the University of Fribourg. His areas of research include humanistic AI and its application to cities. He studied business informatics, business administration and economics and received his doctorate in computer science. He has worked for Swisscom, PwC and EY and has undertaken research at the universities of Singapore, Berkeley and Berne.

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Sponsor: University of Fribourg

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