Rosemary Lokhorst

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Rosemary Lokhorst Just don’t panic! Navigating successes and failures as an entrepreneur

The presentation will talk openly about successes, but also about the failures of a serial entrepreneur. Rosemary will discuss what she has learned, consequences and resulting opportunities. She will also talk about diversity and its advantages and disadvantages.

Rosemary Lokhorst – CEO, Lokhorst Automation & Gaming

Your added value in terms of trade

  • Insights into founding companies
  • Accepting and benefiting from failures
  • Unusual corporate opportunities and how to recognize them
  • Insight into the new company: a company with social impact

Details on the speaker

Rosemary Lokhorst is a technology entrepreneur and the producer of Shadow’s Edge, a multi award-winning game which teaches young people life skills to improve their resilience. She uses technology, her inner geek and her lively fantasy to create social change. She writes scripts and blogs and is an investor and mentor for young entrepreneurs.

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Language: German

Sponsor: Global Digital Women

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