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Ruppert Bodmeier Economy service – How innovative forms of customer access are changing e-commerce forever

As a retailer, how can I appear more in customers’ everyday lives? How can I build new service-oriented sales approaches that help me to stand out vis-à-vis Amazon and others. In a platform-dominated world, the key question is how to provide unparalleled value added. The aim of the keynote is to demonstrate how to disrupt current standards in order to set new ones.

Ruppert Bodmeier – Co-founder & CEO,

Your added value in terms of trade

  • How to stand out vis-à-vis the dominant player – Amazon
  • How to set new standards yourself
  • How to appear in the customer’s everyday life
  • How to create genuine added value
  • How to develop a unique customer access

Details on the speaker

Ruppert Bodmeier is the Managing Director and co-founder of – the platform for disruptive innovations. With over 15 years’ experience in digital innovation, he is one of Germany’s leading experts. Disrooptive helps companies to completely rethink how they do business in an out-of-the-box way, allowing them to disrupt current sector standards.

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Language: German

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