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Tom Fishburne Thriving in the Awkward Adolescence of Digital Transformation

In this keynote talk, Marketoonist Tom Fishburne will use cartoons and case studies to frame the right mindset needed to communicate with consumers in the modern digital world. With each new wave of technology, marketers can connect with people more directly and deeply than ever before. But the mindsets of organizations haven’t kept pace with the potential brought by this technology.

Tom Fishburne – Founder, Marketoonist

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You will learn:

  • How brands can connect and engage in moments that matter.
  • How to avoid the “shiny new thing” syndrome when evaluating new marketing technology.
  • How to be data-driven without being data-blinded.

Details on the speaker

Tom Fishburne has been chronicling the world of marketing in a weekly cartoon since 2002. Originally an email to coworkers, Tom’s Marketoonist series has grown by word of mouth to reach a few hundred thousand readers every week. Tom draws from 20 years in marketing in the US and Europe, including roles at HotelTonight, Method, General Mills, and Nestle. He is the author of “Your Ad Ignored Here.”

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