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Connecta is all about bringing people together – our broad line-up of experts and their topics. Even though we’re unable to meet up in person again this year, we certainly won’t be missing out on the opportunity to explore a wide range of topics relating to digitization!

Around 50 digital experts provide an insight into their specialist field. The #ConnectaBlog will be launched on Monday, 2nd August 2021 and will offer daily posts on issues relating to digitization that affect our everyday lives – both professionally and personally.

Connecta Bern 2021

16.11.2021 | Connecta 21 recap: Fraud, law and ethics – not just in online commerce

Connecta Bern 2021

10.11.2021 | Connecta 21 recap: Social commerce and social selling

Connecta Bern 2021

09.11.2021 | Connecta 21 recap: Does the ongoing digitization of our society mean the end for physical marketing? Not at all!

Connecta Bern 2021

26.10.2021 | Connecta 21 recap: Banking is changing. Where exactly are traditional banks heading?

Connecta Bern 2021

20.10.2021 | Connecta 21 recap: Chatbots and “homo economicus” in marketing

Connecta Bern 2021

19.10.2021 | Connecta 21 recap: How is the world of retail changing?

Connecta Bern 2021

07.10.2021 | Connecta gave us a glimpse into the future

E-commerce trend indicator 2021

06.10.2021 | We present the latest findings from the B2C study on the mood and behaviour of customers in Swiss e-commerce.

6 steps for greater sustainability

05.10.2021 | Six steps for greater sustainability in e-commerce.

Online retailer survey 2021

04.10.2021 | How sustainable is Swiss e-commerce – online retailer survey 2021.

Trust in digital advisors

01.10.2021 | Digital advisors are increasingly being used in customer contact. Factors such as competence and humanness influence our trust in them.

Portrait Anna Rozumowski

Payment behaviour in Switzerland

30.09.2021 | Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the use of cash in Switzerland has fallen significantly. Debit cards are the most popular payment method.

Portrait Marcel Stadelmann

Quo vadis content marketing?

29.09.2021 | More and more companies are turning to content marketing nowadays. But creating good quality content remains a significant challenge.

Adis Merdzanovic

Personal customer experience at the heart of digitization

28.09.2021 | With the coronavirus crisis as the catalyst: live video consulting is bringing personal interaction into the world of e-commerce.

What do listeners actually think?

27.09.2021 | More and more people and companies are producing podcasts. But little is known about who listens to them or how well they go down with their audiences.

Erik Thurnherr

Influencer marketing done right

24.09.2021 | How are influencers successfully integrated into the marketing strategy? How can misunderstandings on both sides be avoided?

7 key post-COVID-19 digital skills

23.09.2021 | In the “new normal”, different skills will be required compared to the past. Improving specific skills such as “trust” or “ability to learn” will be worth it in any case.

Sven Ruoss

Artificial intelligence (AI) for the management of returns in online retail

22.09.2021 | Returns are unavoidable in online retail but, with the help of artificial intelligence, they can be significantly reduced and more efficiently managed.

Promoting sustainable consumption

21.09.2021 | Sustainability is becoming an increasingly relevant part of the customer experience. Customers appreciate companies promoting sustainable habits.

Portrait Dominik Georgi

Working without a workplace

20.09.2021 | In the office, everything is work. But at home? Self-employed people already have practice in dealing with this question which can be new and challenging for permanent employees.

Kathrin Passig

Social media for SMEs. How to punch above your weight with limited resources

17.09.2021 | Social media is a MUST these days! But: you can control the intensity. Passive, active or proactive – you can reach people with this mix!

Strengthen your brand with photos

16.09.2021 | A professional photo of a person can convey their values and attitudes and help others to gain an impression of them.

Fraud prevention in online retail

15.09.2021 | How online retailers combat fraud.

Disruptive vehicle development

14.09.2021 | Disruptive innovation networks instead of requirement specifications allow startups to develop complex, technology-based product solutions.

Why diversity must be a priority for all companies in future

13.09.2021 | Ever more companies are waking up to the importance of diversity in tackling the challenges of digitization.

Asian goods imports: problems for Christmas retail increasingly likely

10.09.2021 | Chinese ports are still partly closed, and clearance of container ships is delayed. Goods are expected to be in short supply, with rising prices.

Portrait Markus Peter

How to find the talent of tomorrow

09.09.2021 | Artificial intelligence and people analytics are opening up new paths on the talent search, with new challenges for HR.

Artificial intelligence sees, hears, heals but also poses a threat

08.09.2021 | Artificial intelligence can see, hear and direct people using recommender systems. This has significant influence on our behaviour, reinventing e-commerce, travel, finance and sport.

The customer: a partner, not a king

07.09.2021 | We are all familiar with the phrase: “The customer is king!” But it isn’t true. In fact, it’s completely wrong!

Ethical and legal foundations for the use of personal data

06.09.2021 | The article outlines the key basic principles for responsible and correct handling of personal data.

Portrait Prof. Dr. Reinhard Riedl

Strategy development in the digital age

03.09.2021 | The latest UAS Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) study on strategy development in the digital age reveals considerable potential for digital transformation in Swiss SMEs.

Access to the law for all citizens

02.09.2021 | Legal tech is all about the digitization of the legal industry. But it also represents a new way of thinking with customer-centric services that increase the accessibility of the law for all citizens.

Chatbots in online retail

01.09.2021| Most Swiss online retailers still do not use chatbots.

E-food: 4 propositions concerning the market in the DACH region

31.08.2021 | E-food has achieved tremendous growth over recent years. Dr. Matthias Schu from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts outlines the key points.

Mesmerize with moving images

30.08.2021 | Top 5 formats for inspiring people with moving images and creating cinematic moments at your next event.

The myth of “homo economicus”

27.08.2021 | Bank data and artificial intelligence can be used to design attractive financial sector products and services for younger customers.

How advertising can hit home

26.08.2021 | It’s not a great look if your advertising fails to make a mark. But a multi-sensory approach can help. More senses = more impact.

Data usage instead of data protection at Swiss Post

25.08.2021 | Data protection can increase our dependence on the Internet giants if we do not use the data available.

Moving images in online retail

24.08.2021 | Using on-demand videos and live images, online shop owners are looking for new ways to win over customers and to stand out from the competition.

Christian Mossner

What is (and isn’t) social selling?

23.08.2021 | Social selling is the phrase on everyone’s lips. But what is social selling and what is it not?

Don’t forget about offline marketing

20.08.2021 | Offline marketing/physical mail is not a thing of the past. It can still be used to create effective advertising that helps ensure that companies and messages are remembered by the customer.

New forms of value creation in the digital economy

19.08.2021 | The digital economy is set to change the way value is created. But what does the digital economy actually mean and how does it influence value creation?

How to bring life to the intranet

18.08.2021 | Internal communication on the intranet can strengthen the sense of identity among employees. How to promote intranet use and commitment.

Locked in! Music at a distance

17.08.2021 | “raise your voice” By going digital, Bê Ignacio came up with a singing technique that helped her get through the coronavirus crisis.

The true potential of blockchain is in marketing and sales

16.08.2021 | Everyone’s talking about blockchain. But while many applications today are used mainly for marketing purposes, its true potential remains as yet untapped.

How coronavirus has changed the impact of advertising

13.08.2021 | Coronavirus has not only given a boost to digitization, but also to physical mail. This is shown by a representative advertising impact study.

Tourism marketing with TikTok?

12.08.2021 | TikTok is a social media platform that looks like it’s here to stay. Switzerland Tourism spotted this potential early on, and is reaping the rewards as an early adopter.

A CEO has to be on social media

11.08.2021 | How can you digitize the DNA of an organization? With curious CEOs who make active use of social media to gain inspiration and set an example.

Events for the future

10.08.2021 | The past 15 months have really left their mark on the events industry. What does the coronavirus pandemic mean for the events industry?

More trust with ethical interfaces

09.08.2021 | In this article, Prof. Dr. Edy Portmann addresses the question of how we can design digital interfaces in a more ethically sustainable way in future to promote greater trust among our customers.

Sustainability in a consumer society

06.08.2021 | Society is now focusing on sustainability. More and more consumers consider sustainability to be an important purchase criterion. But do the concepts of “consumption” and “sustainability” even belong together?

Intelligent retail

05.08.2021 | High-street retail could survive in the future if it reinvents itself.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) – hype or reality?

04.08.2021 | Decentralized finance (DeFi) taps into the potential of distributed ledger technology (DLT) for financial transactions that no longer require intermediaries such as financial institutions.

Changing of the guard in the payments market

03.08.2021 | The payments market is undergoing significant changes. It is also an attractive growth market.

Boom in cybercrime

02.08.2021 | Why are we all helping to make cybercrime boom?

Supply chains as a way in for cyber criminals

02.08.2021 | Software also has supply chains. Applications are often put together using various components from various developers. These components sometimes have weak points that could be exploited by an attacker.

Connecta is opening its doors

30.07.2021 | Digital instead of physical – Connecta Bern is happening again in 2021. Kick-off is on 2 August 2021.

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