Connecta Talk 2020

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Connecta Talk Video interviews and podcasts

The Connecta speakers are nationally and internationally renowned experts. Their views are considered particularly important, which is why we conducted interviews with a number of them.

We were supported by Aileen Zumstein as well as the podcaster, Martin Rechsteiner, better known to many as Pokipsie.

This gave rise to interviews which will really get under your skin (only available in German).

Video interviews

Adrian Wiesmann
Carla Jane Kaufmann
Mossner/Dalla Vecchia
Dr. Daniel Laude
Dave Kauer
Dr. Darius Zumstein
Dr. Dorothea Baur
Dr. Nadine Hietschold
Esther-Mirjam de Boer
Felix Bernet
Jonathan Gimmel
Katrin-Cécile Ziegler
Manuel P. Nappo
Martin Regli
Melanie Huber
Paula Schwarz
Philippe Renggli
Prof. Dr. Edy Portmann
R. Raemy & M. Nussbaumer
Rosemary Lokhorst
Sarka Pekarova
Sascha Pallenberg
Su Franke
Tom Fishburne
Urs Blickenstorfer


Dr. Bettina Palazzo
Anja Hendel
Ruppert Bodmeier
Nicklas Leck
Philipp Kannenberg
Natascha Zeljko
Nadia Holdener
Philippe Mettler
Prof. Dr. Anne Scherer
Frederik Thomas
Marcel Hüttermann
Malte Polzin
Clara Becker

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