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Amber Baldet Building Blockchains Creating an Internet of Value

The New York Times calls blockchain speaker Amber Baldet one of the people who are “crucial in pushing the technology forward.” In upbeat keynotes, Baldet shows you – with concrete examples in soaring everyday language – how, why, and when blockchain technologies might reshape your organization, your industry, even the world at large. She connects the dots to draw a vivid picture of what an integrated “Internet of Value” might look like for citizens, consumers, and companies.

Amber Baldet – CEO, Clovyr

Your added value in terms of trade

Amber Baldet handily bridges the divide between Wall Street and the crypto set.

In terms of blockchain speakers, Amber Baldet offers unparalleled insight. Her time as a program lead at JP Morgan led to a breadth of perspectives, from working with investment banks, central banks, Fortune 100s, and corporations, to exposure with startups, cyberpunks, hackers, and hardcore blockchain developers. “I have a relatively unique view on where we are going,” Baldet explains.

Details on the speaker

Amber Baldet was a blockchain program lead at JP Morgan before she left to start her own company. Now the CEO of the blockchain start-up Clovyr, Baldet has been recognized as a member of Fortune’s 40 Under 40, and named one of the “People Leading the Blockchain Revolution” by the New York Times. Praised for her ability to bring together the corporate and hacker camps, Baldet explains—with charisma and clarity—how the “internet of value” will disrupt businesses, the global economy, and everyday life.


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