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Dr Dorothea Baur Sustainability: from data to deeds

The sustainability debate is shaped by science. We’re lucky that this is the case, because facts underline the urgency of the debate. The motto is: “If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it". Measuring means knowing. But in spite of our great knowledge, we have been doing the wrong thing for a long time. How can we move from measuring to acting? In addition to precise data, we also need principles that apply, irrespective of measurements.

Dr Dorothea Baur – Owner, Baur Consulting AG

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Companies are under enormous pressure to provide proof of their action on sustainability. Coping with the influx of data is a big challenge. This talk will inspire unconventional thinking by showing the opportunities and limits of a purely data-driven approach to sustainability.

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Dr Dorothea Baur is a self-employed, independent ethics expert focusing mainly on sustainability, corporate social responsibility and artificial intelligence. She develops strategies for a credible and effective approach to dealing with complex issues. She is also active internationally as a keynote speaker and as a lecturer at various universities and universities of applied sciences.

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