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Benno Marbach Connecta Start-up-Radar – advertise intelligently and make success measurable

The digital transformation is also completely shaking up customer service requirements: customers now expect answers to questions in a matter of seconds. This is now possible thanks to the latest technology, opening the door to disruptive approaches in customer service. Examples from e-commerce champions such as,, and many more besides show how you can benefit from these developments.

Benno Marbach – COO & Co-Founder, guuru ltd.

Your added value in terms of trade

guuru helps e-commerce operators reinvent customer service by linking the latest technology with knowledge about the customer base. This can lead not only to measurable improvements in service quality, but also to significant increases in sales conversion. And all within a few weeks, without additional staff and with a maximum return on investment.

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Benno Marbach learnt how to identify the latest marketing and technology trends at Coca-Cola, Samsung Electronics, Nestlé and McKinsey. He is one of the three founders of guuru, one of the most successful customer service start-ups worldwide, which boasts customers such as Sky, Telefonica, Freitag, ifolor, Switzerland Tourism and many more.

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