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Marco Zaugg Crowdfunding and donation trends in 2020

What changes and trends will there be in 2020 for digital fundraising and how will these impact the social economy consisting of relief organizations, associations, foundations and social enterprises? How will relationship management and communication with members, donors and patrons change? This presentation will provide a panoply of topics ranging from frictionless giving, marketing automation through to messenger payments.

Marco Zaugg – CEO, RaiseNow

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Participants will discover more about the trends of 2020 in an interactive presentation. They will obtain first-hand information on where the action is taking place, where the reaction is coming from and where the results can be expected. Participants from outside the social economy will gain exciting insights into a sector which is seen as a pioneer in some subjects, e.g. marketing automation.

Details on the speaker

Marco Zaugg is an experienced Internet entrepreneur. He is the founder and managing director of RaiseNow, the online fundraising solution provider based in Berlin and Zurich. With over 20 years’ experience in fundraising, e-payments, marketing automation and digital transformation, he has an excellent understanding of the local market and the challenges it poses.

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