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Matthias Egli Smart energy billing via Blockchain

The start-up Ormera offers an energy accounting solution for ZEVs (Zusammenschluss zum Eigenverbrauch), collectives of several parties combining consumption of self-produced energy. We will present what this platform entails, the role that blockchain will play, and how a variety of players can be integrated into this new ecosystem.

Matthias Egli – Co-CEO, Ormera AG

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The Swiss energy sector is facing major changes due to the 2050 energy strategy of the Confederation. But this extends far beyond the energy sector. The complexity of the energy system is increasing but thanks to digital solutions, e.g. via blockchain, systems can be made simpler and optimized.

Details on the speaker

Matthias Egli originally launched the “Blockchain for Utility” innovation project by PostFinance and ewb when he was Strategy Manager at PostFinance. He is now Co-CEO of the resulting start-up company, Ormera. Prior to joining PostFinance, he marketed software solutions for the energy sector. Matthias Egli is an EPFL engineer and studied business administration at the Universities of Bern and Rochester.

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