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Dr Cristian Grossmann Effective leadership: direct, mobile and digital

More and more managers are harnessing the potential of digital communication to reach even mobile staff efficiently. The advantages are clear: staff who are close to the customer can offer meaningful insights, thereby delivering a competitive advantage. But how can all staff be reached in a way that meets your objectives, and how can you take full advantage of the potential?

Dr Cristian Grossmann – CEO, Beekeeper

Your added value in terms of trade

How are strategies, product information and customer feedback distributed internally, efficiently and in real time? Both high street and online retail cannot manage without digital communication channels. Only by having them can salespeople and staff stay well informed, thereby ensuring that the company remains competitive. Digital communication is efficient and saves on costs.

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Dr Cristian Grossmann, founder & CEO of Beekeeper Ltd Cristian Grossmann studied chemical engineering at the ETH Zurich and subsequently received his doctorate as an electrical engineer. Before founding Beekeeper in 2012, he worked as an IT strategist for Accenture, managing several major international projects in that role.

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