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Maximilian Vietmeier Online travel 2.0 – disruption in the travel industry and beyond

The travel industry is in constant flux. New technologies and digital giants are changing the way in which customers are inspired, book trips and are served by companies. SWISS and the Lufthansa Group are focusing strongly on developing innovative, digital services and optimizing the online customer experience in close cooperation with tech giants.

Maximilian Vietmeier – Online strategy and digital partnerships, SWISS International Air Lines / Lufthansa Group

Your added value in terms of trade

Find out how SWISS positions itself as Switzerland’s highest-revenue online shop in the online travel ecosystem, and how innovative technologies and new customer touchpoints are used to optimize the customer experience.

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Maximilian Vietmeier combines the kerosene coursing through the veins of the Lufthansa Group with bits and bytes. In his role as Manager of Online Strategy and Digital Partnerships, he works intensively on the Lufthansa Group’s strategy, on the use of innovative technologies in the digital environment and on building strategic partnerships in the online ecosystem. Maximilian holds an MBA from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Zurich.

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