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Niklas Leck Start-up radar – Logistics

LivingPackets presents THE BOX: A smart and highly-connected packaging solution for e-commerce with sensors and a display. It can be reused up to 1'000 times and aims to solve all relevant issues in the global e-commerce chains: No cardboard trash and filling material anymore; better convenience and security for the consumer as well as efficiency gains and cost reductions for senders and logistics.

Niklas Leck – Co-founder, LivingPackets

Your added value in terms of trade

Switzerland is the leading country in first approaches in regards to the Circular Economy and new technologies in general. LivingPackets is spearheading innovation in logistics and e-commerce, with a solution that makes use of various emerging technologies: IoT, Blockchain and Big Data based Machine Learning - and thus aims to launch in Switzerland as one of the first target markets.

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Niklas Leck is responsible for strategic partnerships and operations at LivingPackets. In the past, he has co-founded two blockchain-focused companies in Switzerland. During his studies in St. Gallen, he was president of START Global organising START Summit and START Hack. For his entrepreneurial work, Forbes awarded him as a 30 Under 30 Technology in 2018.

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